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"From the start, we realized that we didn’t have to solicit people to come by and talk. Instead the booth drew the people to us. Everyone who walked by stopped for a moment to look at the display panels, and 70% of those people wanted to learn more about what we did. The video we had playing served as another way to make the exhibit more appealing, and demonstrated our ability to keep up with today’s technology.

The simple and interactive design of our booth also made us more accessible to people.  Other exhibits had large tables placed in front of them, thereby closing people off from their displays. Ours allowed us to spatially interact with people, which contributed to our goal of “becoming part of their company”.

The Expo was a fast paced and fun environment, and we stayed busy the entire time. We did not attempt to set up specific follow up appointments, instead we used the steady flow of people as an opportunity to talk to as many people about Intelligent Office as possible. Another interesting point of note is the only other booths with a lot of activity were the ones giving away free cookies or prizes. People stopped at ours because they were interested in finding out more about our company.

We heard a lot of comments about our multi-media advertising, especially our radio ads, and there was very little discussing of price in this type of environment. People were more intrigued about our concept and how it could work for them. The most popular hook seemed to be about our professional meeting spaces available by the hour, day, or month. In the five hours I manned the booth, I would say 10-15 people were sincerely interested in coming in for a tour.

In my opinion, the uniqueness of our services combined with the visual appeal of our booth, allowed Intelligent Office to shine and "sell itself". In fact, Intelligent Office won the award of most professional looking booth!"

      - Ralph Gregory, CEO - Intelligent Office

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